Q: Is I Am Noir a Multi Channel Network?

A: While we do have grand aspirations for the future of our community, I Am Noir is not currently  structured as an MCN.  Our focus is to provide a platform for minority content creators to establish and grow their channels.


Q: Does I Am Noir discriminate against non-black content creators on YouTube?

A: The focus of I Am Noir is to uplift and expose talented content creators focused on a very niche market.  The content we attract into our community is aimed at harnessing the enormous spending power and influence of the black community internationally.  We do not however intentionally exclude anyone from joining our community provided they adhere to our guidelines.


Q: In what ways do members benefit from joining YouTube Noir?

A: Our community of content creators benefit from supporting each other through networking, collaborating and sharing each others content.  Additionally we market and promote all of our members through various platforms, including Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.


Q: How can subscribers benefit from engaging with I Am Noir?

A: Through our YouTube Channel and website, subscribers will be able to discover and identify talented content creators according to their specific interest, whether it be Beauty, Fashion, DIY, Commentary or one of the many other creative avenues in which our creators demonstrate their talents.  You are then able to subscribe, comment and share on amazing content that you are sure to love and identify with.


Q: How can I support the I Am Noir community?

A: We encourage those interested in supporting Noir, to follow and engage with our social media platforms where we spotlight members and their content.  Additionally we ask that you browse through our members and subscribe to those whom you find interesting and would like to support.  Additionally we welcome donations from supporters to fund our continued expansion and promotional expenses.