What is I Am Noir TV?


I am Noir is a community consisting mainly of black content creators that was founded in the Spring of 2015 to help members network, develop their content and grow their digital presence on the YouTube platform.

Despite the enormous spending power of the black community, the YouTube platform doesn’t make it easy for our people to connect, be seen or garner mainstream attention, which is exactly why the existence of the Noir community is critical to the success of the next wave of talented content creators.

The members of I am Noir produce a wide range of content, including: Natural Hair, Make Up, Fashion, Family Vlogging, Cooking, DIY, Fitness, Health, Commentary, Reviews and much more.  The 300 plus members have a collective subscriber base of more than 500,000 supporters of their individual brands with an ongoing viewership of several million and is continuing to experience tremendous growth.



To connect, promote and gain exposure for black and brown short-form video creators around the world.